Friday, July 14, 2017




During drama today we finished making our props and then headed to the rec hall to practice our skit.
Our skit is about 2 dead buffalo and 2 live buffalo. It`s set in the wild west. We based it off a camp song. I am going to play a cowgirl. We will do the skit today before everyone leaves. I am excited for all of camp to see the skit.
~ Manu



Interview with Jamie



What is your full name?
Jamie D. Dugan

What year did you first come to camp?

What is your job at camp?

What is your favorite day at camp?
Sunday, I get to meet new people

What is your favorite snack?
Dirt cups

What is your favorite movie?
It changes all the time, but the first thing that pops to mind is She's the Man

First camp crush?
Jon Conklin

Do you have any siblings?
Technically, no, but I do have family friends that I grew up with and they call me their little sister.

Interview with Lauren



What is your full name?
Lauren E. Lionetti

What is your job at camp?
Lifeguard/Day camp/Counselor

What are you scared of?

Do you have any siblings?
2 younger sisters

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
Spain, it's beautiful

Thursday, July 13, 2017


What is your favorite camp class?



Art: 4
Newspaper: 4
Drama: 4
Team Challenge: 6
Sports: 6
Woodworking: 7
Science: 2
Rocketry: 3
Geocaching: 2
Archery: 3
Day Camp: 2
Photography: 3
Chefs Club: 5
CIT2: 1
Outdoor Cookery: 2
Living History: 4
Swimming: 1
Backpacking: 4
Zumba: 4
Fishing: 2
All classes: 2


       Hi! My name is Lulu. I am here to write about my experience in crafts! It is the second period class, and so far its been really fun! On the first day we made marbled paper which was really fun since we get to use shaving cream! The next day we got to tie-dye bandannas and got different designs we could use. Yesterday we made beaded animals, and today we made paper beads! Tomorrow is a complete mystery!


Embarrassing Moments



Emily Hughes: "When I have to go number 2 and someone else is in the bathroom."

Emily Siegel: "One time during a cross country race, I got sick and finished so late that I ended in the next race."

Marion: "When I was a camper I sleep-walked into the field and Corrine came and brought me back to my cabin."

Ellen: "Once I was with a group of friends in the winter getting in a car, slipped on the ice and went under the car door."

Josh: "One time in 2014 I dressed up as a cow for the dairy princess and tripped on my way up there."

Justine: "One time I was getting oatmeal with a friend, and they put a bunch of water in it, and they tripped and spilled it all over me."

Kimi: "One time I was talking and drinking milk and I missed my mouth with the milk."

Kat & Lauren: "We both got pants-ed during Safari."

Anthony: "One time I got out of the shower and put pants on and got almost halfway back to my cabin before realizing I had no shirt on."

Kaitlyn: "One time at camp I put orange juice in my cereal."

Jamie: "So this one time my cabin and I (When I was in cabin 10) wrote a song about stalking Jon Conklin."

Daulton: "I was at the Rice Hall eating and I went to reach for the orange juice and I spilled my chocolate milk and it looked like I peed myself." 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Team Challenge: Minefield

Today in team challenge we played a game called minefield that was really fun. First we separated into pairs and then one of the partners was blindfolded. After that the blindfolded partner was led into a small square of obstacles, like balls and stuffed animals. The goal of the game was to only use verbal communication to get your partner to the other side of the square without them stepping on the obstacles. It took me and my partner a little while but in the end it was really fun to get to the other side.

Here We Sit Like...

Birds in the Wilderness!

Hello all!
Since staff training, the Shankitunk staff has been keeping a close eye on a robin's nest located in the pool's buddy board. The aquatics director, Ellen, was the first to point out the four baby robins in the nest, and since then the lifeguards have been keeping close watch over their growth. Before each class or Rec period, they would check on the birds, and once again before locking up the pool. The entire staff has had a lot of fun watching the baby birds grow over the past three weeks.
Monday, when checking on the birds, it was pointed out that one of the birds had gotten out of the nest and was walking around in the buddy board on their own. Tuesday, when checking at the middle of the day, we realized that the baby birds had all flown from the nest! It is bitter-sweet for us to see them go, but we are hopeful that they will still visit the pool area throughout the rest of the summer!

~ Shankitunk Staff
** A photo of the birds from week 1 of the summer**

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

     Tie-Dye Disasters

Today in Arts and Crafts we did tie-dye. Everyone tie-dyed a bandanna but, if you wanted to tie-dye a white shirt , you could. First we started out by putting on gloves, then Emily handed out our trays. The colors were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. When we finished our bandannas we put them in plastic bags. Then I noticed that someones tray was spilled. I looked under the table and the floor was covered in tie-dye and, when i looked up, the chairs had dye on them too. I said something about it and they said to get paper towels. I went to go get paper towels and as I was cleaning it up the dye stained the floor. The chairs were fine but the floor was stained. Well, just another day at arts and crafts. I am excited to do the rest of the planned crafts for the week.

~ Claire

Monday, July 10, 2017

The First Day of Swimming

Hello my name is Sara,  I will be talking about one of my classes, it is swim. One of the things that we did was the front crawl, if you don't know what the front crawl is, it is a stroke for swimming. The first step is you have to make your hands straight, the next step is that when you kick you have to put your legs straight and kick straight. For our next class we are going to do the elementary back stroke. There are many strokes for swimming, there is the breast stroke and many more. They teach you a lot at Shankitunk about swimming and other classes too like rocketry, newspaper, crafts, backpacking, and many more. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

~ Sara

Welcome to the Shankitunk Blog!

Throughout the summer of 2017, the newspaper classes will be trying something new: a more modern form of the newspaper! Every day, we will have a few students write something up about the most exciting part of their day so far. Outside of classes, campers will be conducting interviews, surveys, and writing pieces of their own to also publish on the blog. We are very eager to start this new chapter for the newspaper class here at camp, and hope you enjoy our blog! ☺☺☺

~ The Newspaper Staff