Thursday, August 3, 2017


September 4th:
Gale had to stop at the supermarket on the way home from work to pick up some ingredients for the pasta salad he was going to make for a small college potluck his friends organized. He wasn't so excited about it, but he was coming because he would receive a college hoodie at the end, which usually costed thirty-five dollars. He was low on savings and his credit card use was now limited. So he had decided to come, despite his terrible cooking. He hosted a cookout in his senior year and a few high school kids got bad stomach aches from raw hot dogs.
But this time he was happy... It could be cold.
However, at the potluck, his advantage was wasted, and he had tried the freezer in his haste, and took out the pasta too quickly. The pasta was still warm. The only way he got away with it was that no one knew he had brought it.

October 31st:
But Gale did NOT give up.
On Halloween he struck again, this time, a salad!
How could he fail?
Here's how:
The party requested an oil-vinegar dressing, and to Gale, dish soap looked like olive oil.

November 20th:
Gale brings cranberry sauce to a Thanksgiving party. Drops the dish that tasted like moldy dog food on the floor.

December 20th:
Holiday celebration. Gale brings a salad with mistletoe in it. Mistletoe just happens to be poisonous.

December 31- January 1st:
New Years party. Forgot the food in fridge.

March 21st:
Spring party.
Forgot food again.

May 20th:
End of school party.
A.K.A. hopeful revival point.
Gale: Stops at supermarket. Buys tomatoes. Ciabatta bread. Mozzarella. Basil. Olive oil, but no soap. Balsamic vinegar. Puts it in nice glass container.
Gets in cab. Rides to the house, puts it on the buffet. One person walks over. Takes some.
Success! Food tasted good. The man was about to take more, but he tripped on his shoelace and bumps the bowl. It falls and smashes into a million pieces on the floor.
The End.

~ Sam

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